Important part of your business

Your choice of domain name can have a big impact on the image and prestige of your company and also has an influence on the success of your activities on the world wide web. At present there is not a great deal of regulation controlling who can have what domain name. This is good in one sense since it gives a company freedom to choose the most appropriate name. However it also means that the name or names you want can easily be registered by someone else, even if those names have less relevance to them than to you. If you are too late with your registration the chance to choose the name you want may possibly be lost forever!

Choosing a right domain name is the first important step to a successful planning of an online business. Domain name is just like an internet identity for your online business which reflects who you are, what you do and what service / product do you offer to the online shoppers. The reason domain name is seen as an “internet identity” is because no two domain names can be same and while choosing a web address that is unique to you is a chance for you to select the best possible domain name that describes your online business (or e-Commerce store).

Many times, business owners do not put much effort in choosing a right domain name for their business which can be as devastating as choosing a wrong physical location for your business. Domain name is just like a virtual address for your online store so you should invest same amount of time, thought process, planning and effort to select a right web address just like how you would select a prime physical location for your business where shoppers can find you easily. Yes, it can be a little tedious process to come up with a good unique domain name that has not been taken yet but it is not that difficult if you think strategically.


Brandable domain names

Brandable domain names are usually for businesses that have already established their name (or company) in the market. You can make most out of brand centric domain names when your customers know about you as a business and see you as a brand. Some of the examples of brand centric domain names are:, and etc. If we take an example of Nike, we all know their brand is represented by a tag line “Just do it”. So, for Nike it makes sense to buy a domain name “” as they are known by this tag line and customers relate it with Nike since they are aware of the established brand name. Currently “” redirects the users to “”.

Just because it makes more sense for already established business to go with brand centric domain names, it does not mean that this type of domain name is not for new online businesses. Online businesses that are new in the e-Commerce industry and want to go in the route where they want customers to remember them down the line with a brand name should also choose a brand centric domain name. It is very important to choose a brand name that reflects the type of business you do.


Keyword rich domain names

Keyword rich domain names are the domain names that are focused on keywords and phrases that best described the business and product (or services). This strategy involves making a list of a few keyword phrases that relates to your product (or services) that you are offers to the customers and then selecting the best phrase (or keyword) that reflects what you have to offer. Another aspect of keyword rich domain name is to select keywords that are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the focus is to relating your business with the keywords that customers are searching for (or might search for) on search engines. It is important to strategically come up with a clever domain name in order to stand out in the competitive e-Commerce market.